Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's My Birthday! {Home Life}

The date: 22 years ago, at 10:32AM in Winter Haven Hospital on December 29, 1988. A young girl (age 16, only a couple of weeks away from being 17) is giving birth to a beautiful baby girl...her first child. That baby girl soon turned out to be the first of 4 beautiful children within the next 10 years...but that baby girl was special. She changed her mommy's life forever....

That baby girl was ME. My birthday was this past Wednesday, and it was HARD. My mom wasn't here to celebrate with me for the FIRST TIME in my LIFE. [wow.] Can you say depressing? BUT...I kept my head held high and did my best not to think about it. The best things in life are always taken for granted, but I'm grateful for every DAY I was able to spend with my mama. She taught me so much in my short life...I HONESTLY believe she KNEW I wouldn't always have her to show me the way. Out of ALL my siblings, our mama prepared ME the MOST for real life. And I cherish everything she ever told me. So anyway....

It was my birthday. My sister attempted to make me breakfast. Which is not a good idea for someone who is VERY picky about her breakfast food! =) She didn't do a bad job, but I like my eggs a certain way with a certain amount of cheese and I like it all laid out a certain way on my bread. [Picky much??] But I still thanked her for trying! Then, I went shopping at one of my FAVORITE stores with my granny and she bought me a few things from their AWESOME semi-annual sale!

She also bought me a VERY pretty new hat from Dillard's: 

It was fun! BUT...I had even MORE of a good time when we returned back home! Tim (my honey) said "Don't take off your shoes...we're going out to dinner!" YESSSS!! I don't know what it is about going OUT for dinner...but I'm ADDICTED to eating a sit-down restaurant! Well, unfortunately we were SUPER broke due to Christmas and my little brother's birthday going in the past couple of weeks. BUT, lucky for us, Tim had received 2 Chili's gift cards for Christmas! NICE! This made me VERY happy, because when Tim and I first started dating, we didn't eat anywhere EXCEPT Chili's! So it's kind of "our spot." =)

We now have a Chili's right up the road from us (thank goodness), so it wasn't a very long ride at all! I had my FAVORITE salad: the Quesadilla Explosion Salad. YUMMMM!! I had a sore throat so my appetite wasn't very big unfortunately; yet I still had a hard time finishing that HUGE salad!

The only thing about that specific location, though, is that a TON of our friends work there! And I knew for a FACT that one of our friends was serving in the same area near our table! AND I knew the waitress we had is friends with her too...oh boy. I was hoping Candy (our friend) had forgotten that today was my birthday, because she definitely stopped by our table to say hi! [uh ohhhh] Tim and I were waiting for the check, he says "Oh, I forgot to get you a birthday dessert." And I VERY CLEARLY stated, "Oh, that's ok...I'm not all that hungry anyway. Let's just go." So, I thought the subject was done and over with, right? NOPE! 

Cue loud clapping of about 5-6 people, even LOUDER singing, and something being carried into the dining area from around the corner. Oh dear Lord....I said to Tim, who is CHEESING EXTREMELY RIDICULOUSLY, "I REALLY hope that's not for me." And as soon as I say that, these obnoxious people turn the corner and come around to our table. The ring leader, you ask? CANDY. All I'm thinking is these guys are SOOOO dead!! ;-) So, commence the Chili's birthday song while 40 other people watch and feel embarrassed for me as my cheeks are BEET RED! I was soooo embarrassed! Simply because I do this for other people ALL the time, but NO ONE has ever done it for me! careful what you do to others, because karma will come back to bite you in the butt!

Well...anyway, the singers FINALLY went away after they gave me a VERY yummy dessert: Molten Chocolate Lava Cake! YUMMMMMYYYYY!!!! Wanna see what something that sounds so delicious looks like? Take a peek at this photo below:

Doesn't it just look SINFUL?! Well, it was...sinfully YUMMY! =) I had a VERY good time enjoying it too!
Photo by my honey, Tim

Then, when we came back from dinner, Tim decided he would be EVEN sweeter to me. He ran me a very relaxing bubble bath and had the whole shabang!! 

Candles, quiet jazzy music, fluffy robe...etc, etc, etc. [I know you don't wanna know the details!] Although, while I was enjoying a nice massage, we had a couple of guests! =) This was kind of embarrassing, but I was glad to see one of them was Jessica. She came by to bring me a yummy little turtle chocolate cake (which of course I was too full to eat!).

So, all in all, it was a pretty decent birthday. I was sad we were so broke and I couldn't do everything I had planned, but I was happy to be able to do SOMETHING! And in the words of my best friend, Jessica, "There are those of us who love you who won't let your birthday be limited to one measly day." I do LOVE my best friend. Where she gets that AWESOME head on her shoulders, I have no clue. But she ALWAYS knows what to say when I need advice/cheering up. Which, she was totally right, because TODAY we're having a "Birthday Bonfire Bash" for my birthday at our house, and tomorrow [eeeekkkk!!!] Jessica and I are GOING TO DISNEY!! Woooohoooo!! [ok...anybody who knows me better not be laughing! My family members work at Disney and we've always gone to Disney on school breaks and whatnot. I even worked there for about a year and a half. BUT....I haven't been since I worked there, which was in 2008! Soooo...I SUPER excited to go AND someone gave me a $25 Disney gift card to spend while I'm there! -Thanks Aunt T!-] Anywho...I'm excited to ride my favorite rides, stop into my favorite shops, take PhotoPass photos (which is what I used to do when I worked there, so I know all the cool locations & tricks!), and BUY something! Yessss...I LOVE shopping at Disney. When I worked there, my nephews and my cousin's baby ALWAYS got something from Disney!! =) Sad huh?? Oh well...I may be 22 now, but I'm not letting that stop me from being a kid in a candy store when I get to WDW!! =)

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