Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What's On My Phone?! {Link Party}

Today I'm participating in Jessica's link party at The Lowe Family News: "What's On My Phone?!" Sounds fun, right? It pretty much IS! All you have to do is post some of your photos from your phone's camera and blog about them...easy peasy! So, here they are...a peek into my daily life!

This week, I've been hanging out with my SUPER ADORABLE nephews! They are some characters, let me tell you! Don't believe me? Take a look at the photos I took with my phone:
My oldest nephew, Darion. Love his glasses? 
They're my 3-D shades from Alice in Wonderland! 
The boyfriend popped out the lenses.

This is what happens when you get a bunch of boys together.
Along with a bunch of those plastic balls (like at Chuck E. Cheese's).
And you tell them to pick up as many as they can. =)

 Darion's cupcake he decorated!
Right before he swallowed it in one gulp!

My little brother, Deonte, and his super cool cupcake design.
I told him when I open my bake shop/cafe, he was getting hired as a decorator!

Darius was VERY excited to eat that cupcake!
This was probably because they decorated about 8 cupcakes each!
(And because their mean TiTi wouldn't let them eat one until all of them were done being decorated!)

My FAMOUS cupcake brownies!
Don't they look SOOO yummy?!

My little sister, Anna turned 16 on Sunday, the 6th. 
We each made a cupcake decorated especially for her.
This was mine...the big 1-6! (boy do I feel old!)

So those are a few photos from this crazy week with my boys!! LOTS of sweets were included in this week...but the boys had a blast, so it was well worth it!

Ready to participate in this awesome party? Go to Jessica's blog and find out the details! Make sure you leave your link and grab a button!! Don't forget to check out other bloggers' posts! Happy Tuesday!

ModTots by Modern Bird: Modern Art For Kids {Giveaway}

I was clicking through my Google Reader posts today, and what did I happen to come upon? 
An AWESOME giveaway on the Tatertots & Jell-o blog!

Today, Jen is featuring ModTots designs. Have you seen their work yet? UH-MAZING! 
Don't believe me? See for yourself:



And my personal favorite, the owl with the gray background:

Their designs are so cool, I would buy one for myself! Who needs a kid?! ;-)
Each ModTots design starts as an original illustration by artist, Gregg Deal, and is created with a combination of digital, hand, and painting processes on an oak composite. Each piece is handmade, one at a time, with love and consideration going into every one. They are available in various sizes, starting at 6″ x 6″, and the customizable background color is available in about 20 different choices.
You can choose from robots or animals...and coming soon, they will also have monsters and dinosaurs!
AND if you are the first purchaser of a given design, YOU get to name it! How cool is THAT?

So today, Jen is giving away a $100 gift certificate to ModTots! Can you BELIEVE it?? I don't know about you, but I think that's almost like getting it for FREE!

Interested? Then head on over to Jen's blog post & find out how to enter the giveaway! 
The contest is open to US & Canada readers only and will run until this Monday, February 21st. 

Valentine's Date Night Idea + FREE Printable {DIY}

Image courtesy of Google Image Search.

Valentine's Day.
February 14.
6 days from now.
Still haven't figured out what to do for your loved one?
Check this out!

Amy at Eat, Drink, Chic has come up with the most ADORABLE (and did I mention AFFORDABLE?) Valentine's date night idea! Take a look!

Image courtesy of Amy at Eat, Drink, Chic.

Amy has designed an awesome night in with your favorite person...complete with LOVE LETTERS! How romantic is that? She is also offering some super cute FREE printables to use in creating your awesome night!

I don't know about you, but a quiet night in with my honey, complete with a romantic movie and love letters, is EXACTLY what we need right now! 

So hop on over to her BEAUTIFUL blog and check out her idea for a VERY romantic Valentine's Day idea!
PS: You'll also find some AMAZING photos to go along with the tutorial! All the pink makes me *SMILE*!!!

Image courtesy of Amy at Eat, Drink, Chic.

Image courtesy of Amy at Eat, Drink, Chic.

See? Even those people who claim to hate Valentine's Day would be smiling about all this PINK! So go NOW to Amy's blog and check out her super cool idea! And make sure you leave a comment and tell her THANKS!

What do YOU have planned for Valentine's Day with your lover/friends/family?? Only 6 DAYS LEFT!

Monday, February 7, 2011

GroopDealz: Today's Deal {Shopping}

Have you heard of GroopDealz yet? If you haven't, you are SO hiding under a rock missing out on some GREAT discounts! GroopDealz features one new deal every day from a handmade shop/seller. You have the chance to purchase from that seller at a HUGE discount. So far, I've seen discounts up to nearly 60% off, but they can guarantee some up to 90% OFF! 

So...are you excited yet? All you have to do is check out the deal of the day and decide if you want to take advantage! Easy peasy! (And the best thing to do is sign up for their emails, so the deals come STRAIGHT to your inbox! You'll never miss out so long as you check your email once a day!)

Anyway, I was checking my email today and I saw the deal for today: ADORABLE baby onesies from I'm A Big Deal! Have you seen this shop yet? LOVE!

Take a quick look at some of their products:

Kisses 25 cents Baby Onesie
Love Birds in a Heart Tree Baby OnesieHi, I'm New Here Baby Onesie
Images property of I'm A Big Deal Etsy Shop.

Don't those just make you want to squeal & pinch some baby cheeks smile? Well, unfortunately, there are no kiddos this age living in my house...only my 12 year old brother, who I'm SURE wouldn't appreciate me buying him one of these! ;-)

However, my BEST FRIEND is preggers and I'm also attending another friend's baby shower this weekend! That being said, I'm planning on grabbing a couple of these myself! They are just too cute to pass up! Be sure to check out the rest of the super cute onesies in the shop...and DON'T FORGET to drop by GroopDealz! Enter your email and also take advantage of today's AWESOME deal: Get one of those super cute onesies for ONLY $6 (regularly priced at $14). That's a 57% DISCOUNT! AWESOME!

*For those who are wondering: NO...I wasn't paid to promote either GroopDealz or I'm A Big Deal's Etsy shop. I just REALLY love them and decided to share!
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