Things I'm Loving

I received a Wii for Christmas, so naturally the first thing 
I did was checked out the trailer for this game! 
LOVED IT! Can't wait to play it!
{UPDATE: I now own this's a little more difficult to 
play on the Wii compared to the XBox 360, but I still love it!}
My best friend Jessica bought me this awesome
& I decided it would look SOOO much better 
with some awesome vinyl lettering on it!
 Anyone want to donate this to me? 
{in a smaller size of course!}
I was checking out another blog &
 I LOVED their ornaments inspired by PB! 
I will definitely be trying to create a few of those next Christmas!
A friend of mine posted about this awesome site on Facebook! 
 I used to always wish there was a place like there IS!
 {So feel free to send me cookies! I'll email you my address...}

These little sweets are too good to pass up, 
ESPECIALLY when photographed by JessaMae Photography. 
Her photos are so soft and dreamy!

Not only is this the CUTEST camera case for a point-and-shoot, 
but the fact that it's made to look like an old film camera makes it EXTRA special!

These clever little hanger-shaped paper clips would be GREAT 
for hanging up a line of my favorite photos in my craft room!

These little cuties combine two of my favorite things:
 books and photography. 
Even better? They're pinhole cameras, 
which throws in the extra "vintage" appeal! SCORE!

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