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"How I Shine" Fridays {Link Party}

Heyyyyy everyone! Welcome to the link party hosted by Ashley at The Shine Project
Today I'm posting my experience with this week's challenge to pay a compliment to someone! 
[the original challenge was to do this EVERY DAY this week, but since I just learned about this on Wednesday, I'm making the most of it!]

This challenge is not something that was necessarily DIFFICULT for me, seeing as how I'm usually told that I compliment people TOO much! However, that's usually on a shallow level of "Oh, I love your shoes....your necklace is so nice...LOVE your new hairstyle!"
So I decided to pick something I don't usually do, but that I KNEW would have some sort of positive impact on the person receiving the compliment, as well as making MYSELF feel good!

The result? My PADRE!
[Isn't he just GORGEOUS?? ;-) I think I might be a little biased!]

I decided I would send my daddy a text message in the middle of his work day and let him know how much I love him! 
See, the thing is that my dad has 6 children...I'm the 2nd oldest. It's a LONG story, but I'm kind of the only one who cares for him. I'm sure my siblings care for my dad and love him, but I'm honestly the ONLY one who forgives him for anything and doesn't hold a grudge toward him or IGNORE him!
I'm also the ONLY one who NEVER asks my dad for ANYTHING...just for his LOVE!
My dad and I have a VERY strong connection...we are 2 of the same kind!
So to text him in the middle of the day and tell him how much he means to me...well that's something that brightens his day! He LOVES his children! 

And to know for a FACT that I have made my dad's day just a LITTLE bit better...well that just makes me SMILE! 
[PLUS I get the added benefit of him writing back to tell me he loves me too!]

So...what compliment did you give to someone who deserved it?
Did you tell your loved ones how much they mean to you today?


**I'm linking up to Ashley's "How I Shine" Fridays! Go there and check out the other posts that are linked up to read about someone else's experience with this week's challenge! Don't forget to check Ashley's blog on Monday to see what next week's challenge is!**
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