Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bird House {Re-Do}

Hey guys! I just wanted to share this cute little birdhouse I found when I was browsing around in my papa's shed the other day! He was going to throw it out because he felt there was no need in keeping it anymore, but of course, I HAD to save it! I thought it would look ADORABLE outside our house on the front steps! Take a look! just needed a little sprucing up! The roof was a bit too rusty for my taste. Also, when I first saw it, the roof was coming apart from the wood base and the bottom piece was all rotted out and halfway gone. So my papa and I (mostly my papa, because he obviously knew what needed to be done!) nailed the roof back on with new nails and replaced the bottom with a scrap piece of wood he had laying around in his workshop.

 Then, I brought the little cutie home (after thanking my papa, of course!). I stopped at Wally World to buy some 97¢ spray paint and used some scrap sandpaper I got from my papa. A couple coats of paint...a little distressing with the sand paper.....
 And VOILĂ€! It's beautiful again! (or...less rustic I should say!) For now, the bird house sits on the front steps of our house...I'm going to find some little flowers to go in those holes on the doors, to make it prettier! =) But I love first distressed project! Don't worry...there are MANY more to come! =)

By the way....can I just mention that this was a totally inexpensive project? It only cost me 97¢ altogether! NICE!!

So, hopefully this will keep you guys busy for a little bit. ;-) I have a few more posts to add, but I'm a little behind, so bare with me! There are a lot of photos I still have to upload to Facebook of my day at Disney World with this pretty lady:
Awww...I just love my bestie!! 

Anyway...keep checking and I promise to come back with a few more posts within the next day at least!!

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