Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Cabinets! Well... "Like New" {Home Improvement}

Yeah...I know. It's taken me a while to get these photos up of these newly remodeled cabinets in our kitchen. But guess what?? TODAY'S THE DAY!!! =)

So, without further ado...here's what the cabinets looked like BEFORE:

And with a little [actually A LOT: try 2 grown men, a woman, & a 12 year old boy] of elbow grease and changing of plans more than once:

These beautiful babies were created!

(Excuse the awful paint job at the bottom of the cabinets...we're supposed to be getting molding to go down there!!)

Ha! You can see my blue Christmas lights at the top of the cabinets...can you tell it's December?

Tim found this AWESOME contact paper stuff at Lowe's. The original plan was for the cabinets to look like these beauties from a photo on Inspiration for Decoration:

See how the glass is frosted, so you can only KINDA see what's inside? Yeah, that was my original plan. However, my honey works at Lowe's and likes to scout really cool things for our house when he's at work, so he found this really cool contact paper stuff (that's not SUPER expensive) and brought it home. HOW he knew I would like this stuff more, I don't know. I guess 4 1/2 years in a relationship can do that to you! ;) But I loved it...and that stuff is SUPER pretty when the light hits it! 

So...on to the next project in the kitchen. Which I have NO CLUE what the next part will be...probably painting the wall underneath those pretty cabinets. I have a really nice red in mind for those 2 small walls, so hopefully it will look nice once I get it on there! Keep your fingers crossed for me!

And now, I will leave you with other pretty things to look at!
Exhibit A: new lamps for the livingroom. Bought at Lowe's for $13 for the SET. Nice right? I might have to change the shades because I'm not sure if that's the color I want them to be...but for now, they look good & were SUPER cheap!

Exhibit B: new butcher's block. THANK GOD for grandparents who grant Christmas wishes. I asked for one of these a while back...and looky here! =) It's red so it matches my kitchen. Although, if I change the colors, well....you get the point.

Well...that's it for now. I'll HOPEFULLY be sharing more home improvements now that Christmas is over! Tomorrow I will *maybe* post about my awesome trip to Secondhand Rose Thrift Store with my best friend Jessica. We'll see...it is my birthday ya know! 

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