Thursday, December 2, 2010

New Lights! {Home Improvement}

So, due to an unfortunate event, my boyfriend and I have moved into my mom’s house to take care of my little brother. Being as my grandparents owned my mom’s house, they asked if Tim and I would like to go ahead and purchase the house. We said that would be a good idea, and to make a long story short, now we own the house. It’s a pretty nice place, however it definitely needs some sprucing up. Mostly because we would like to sell it to move into our own home once we’re married. With that being said, we’ve decided to make a few changes! One of the first things we’ve decided to do is change the lighting in the house.
Here’s the original lighting that we have throughout the house: (photography by my little brother, Deonte =])
Most of the rooms didn’t even have the covers over them. Which was really ugly, because they looked like this:
Definitely not cute, right? Well, Tim works at Lowe’s. When he’s at work, he finds deals on clearance items and also gets some great deals from his manager. =) So, these are the first lights he picked up:
Pretty nice, right? Yeah, I love ‘em! And to make it even better, our dining space is in the same space as our kitchen and there’s another one of these over the table! It’s definitely pretty. Now I’m just waiting on him to find someone to put in the dimmer switch he bought! *hint hint*
This is the second light; he bought 2 of them:
I plan on hanging these in the hallways, but I still need one more to make it work. (One of the hallways has 2 lights.) I love the black & white because of the photos I have hanging in one of the hallways. They’re monochromatic photos of a boating/fishing town that I found at a yard sale…bought 4 of them for $2 total! (I love a good bargain…especially at a yard sale!)
And….as of last night, I now have these beauties:
There’s one in the living room, one in the master bedroom, and soon to be one in the master bathroom. In each room, this one little light does something different, which I adore! In the living room, it’s dim, but it adds mood lighting. If I need bright lighting, I just turn on the 2 side lamps I have. In my bedroom, it’s actually better than the original light because it’s more focussed. And as for the bathroom…well, I’ll let you know. =)
What types of home improvements are you completing right now? What do you think of the new lights?

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